Need help connecting studio to new modern folder - help!

Hi everyone,

current predicament:

Our organization currently has all of our projects still tied to our Default (classic folder)
We are working on moving over to modern folders.
I created a new folder called Post-Patch-Testing underneath the default folder.
I have had no luck finding new documentation in how to connect the studio to that specific folder when it comes time to publish workflows.

Two questions

  1. How do I tie the studio I am using to that specific folder?
  2. How do you designate a folder just FOR testing?

Thanks in advance.



On your studio on the bottom right you can see the folder studio is connected to …you can click on it and change folder

And ideally process creation is done by you on orch directly and packages are at tenant level…

Now coming to connection…did you give license to users as robots? …in moderns users are merged with robots license has to be given there…

And machine template has to be created and use those details on robot

And provide folder access to that user