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How soon are the classic activities going to be deprecated? Trying to estimate how much time to upgrade existing classic bots to modern activities

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No worries, UiPath currently has no plans to deprecate classic activities

Hi @A_Learner

UiPath has not officially announced any specific deprecation timeline for classic activities.

However, UiPath has been actively promoting and developing modern activities, such as those available in the UiPath.System.Activities package. These modern activities provide enhanced functionality and better integration with the UiPath ecosystem.


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The over complicate a lot of activities in modern, and they are ‘still’ buggy compared to classic.
I gave modern a chance but my bots are a lot more stable and easier to maintain in classic ui activities than in modern, dispite of what it promises.

so far I still love using Classic instead of Modern. easy to code and faster.

Thank you @irahmat @Jeroen_van_Loon @Nitya1

All your feedback is appreciated.

Me too.
Strict selectors are stable in 99% of cases, escpecially when we know tricks like regex maching option, or ‘up’, ‘next’ and ‘prev’ attributes. So in classic design code looks more neat for me.
On the other hand in modern we have object repository which is worth to consider

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This question worries me too. I created a test project that wraps a group of classic activities, extract operation scenarios and target selector values from the UiPath project, and manage them in PostgreSQL. However, recently I’ve gradually learned how to use Modern Activities, so if UiPath decide to deprecate it, please announce it about a year in advance. I think that if it takes about a month to modify the current system to the Modern version, I can do it by myself after work…

I have heard directly from UiPath that they are not considering deprecating the classic design, and it is fine to continue using it. @Pablito correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

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