I'm curious about the differences between activities. Classic, Modern

  1. Will support for Classic Activities be discontinued soon?
  2. Do Modern Activities perform better than Classic Activities?


No, there is no fixed deadline yet so, Classic activities will continue to be a part of UiPath Studio until UiPath announces the deprecation.

It’s depends on the specific activities but Modern activities are the way forward so start using them.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so. At this time, UiPath announces Classic Design Experience will be deprecations in 2024.10 and it’s NOT classic activities.

Do Modern Activities perform better than Classic Activities?

Mostly Modern activities are better than Classic. However, some activity is still good for some viewpoints. For example, classic ReadRange activiy is faster than modern in some case.


When creating a project, is there a reason to distinguish between legacy and window?
Is it just a difference in .NET Framework support?


There are several differences b/w Windows project and Windows-Legacy project.
In general, it’s recommended to use Windows project. However, we might have to choose Legacy for some reasons, for example some activities packages (BAPI etc.) are not supported in Windows project.
Or some activities supports only Windows.


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