Citrix Automation: Window Size - Seamless or Fullscreen mode

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We have to automate applications inside citrix desktop. In order to launch the citrix desktop, we hit a URL in browser which leads us to Citrix login page where we enter the credentials and it brings us the screen to click and launch the citrix desktop.
In the browser page there is Settings option where we can select the window size. By default ‘Seamless’ is selected.

Seamless Mode: In this seamless mode, the citrix desktop opens in a restore mode where you can click maximize button and maximize the window. Once maximized, we can see the citrix desktop window title bar, the task bar of the citrix window sticks on top of the parent desktop taskbar.

Fullscreen mode: If we change the Window size to ‘Fullscreen’ in the Settings page and then launch the Citrix desktop, it covers the entire monitor screen. There is no citrix window title bar and no parent desktop task bar. Here we can’t access the UiPath Studio (in the parent desktop) as the citrix window covers the entire screen. We have to do Shift+F2 to access the parent screen.

My question is which mode is recommended - Seamless mode or Fullscreen mode for citrix automation? Full screen mode gives me larger view of the window compared to Seamless maximized mode but I can’t directly access my UiPath studio.

Kindly clarify.

Well @Siddarth_Nair

Seems like you want to automate citrix.

Well if you cant access it during development it is better to go ahead with the seamless mode and capture the elements. Alternatively you can maybe try Computer vision for the same.

let me ask you this, is switching repeatedly an issue or the studio is not able to recognize or connect?

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Thanks for your reply @Raghavendraprasad. I see for activities like Find Image/Find Element, Image exists/Element Exists activities, after you click on “Indicate on screen”, I cannot switch to the Citrix window to indicate the element, only the parent desktop screen is available for indicating. If I do Shift+F2 (which restores the Citrix desktop window) now I can indicate what I want but the citrix resolution has changed/the elements position are not what you see in fullscreen mode. This change in position I believe impacts automation. I hope you understand. :slight_smile: