Not able to maximize the citrix application

I’m trying to maximize the one of the citrix application but not able to do that it’s not even throwing any error.

HI @Neha_Aggarwal1

May be you try CV click activities to maximize the window

Or for sure you will have a shortcut to make the application full screen
So you can use CV type into


@Sudharsan_Ka actually sometime application opened as full screen and sometimes in half screen so cv click activity is not working

Keyboard shortcuts? @Neha_Aggarwal1

Does the process Run as attended or Unattended?
Try to add the Keyboard shortcut F11 inside the attach window.

@Sudharsan_Ka m not sure about which shortcut key work in this

Use image click to click the icon in the top left corner of the window, then click maximize.

Click on all the sub menu item and see whether you have a option to view the screen on full screen in that place they may specify the shortcut


Use a try catch

  • Try ->Click the maximize button and set the timeout to 2 sec or 3 sec
    • Catch → System.Exception → Leave it as empty


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