Citrix automation - Find and click an element in Citrix app based on row value from local excel app

Hello Everyone,

I need to identify and click an element in Citrix app based on the value from Excel row which is present in local desktop?

I can’t share screenshots/xaml file as it is confidential

Can you please shed some light on how it can be done?

Any thoughts / idea on how this can be done will be very useful


Excel row Value = “Google US”
Expected Action = Click on the “Google US” record in Citrix app.



Is it possible to manually find and click an element in Citrix?
Please do it manually and let me know.
where are you running citrix application on local machine or windows server or VM’s?



Yes. I have been manually doing this all this while. Get the record Id (EX: Amazon US) from Excel and check for matching value in Citrix app. If the matching value is found, then make some adjustments in other columns of corresponding row (Amazon US) in the citrix app.

But here the value may not be always constant, I have to fetch one value at a time from Excel and check whether it is matching with citrix app. How do I capture this value(Amazon US) as a search term to be found in Citrix?

Additional info, there are only around 50-60 RECORDS in citrix app against which I should compare the excel row value

I access my citrix app via local machine. I cannot capture individual elements while recording but only the whole window.

Any inputs will be really appreciated.



I don’t ensure whether your citrix app has search button or not. But i worked on SAP. it had search button. if there is search button in your case then job will be easy.


  1. Read Entire excel file,
  2. Iterate it, follow below link.
    How to use get row item with for each
  3. Write your searching code in For each activity.