Click on Each element in citrix

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I need to click on each element from the table & Update the payment details.

How to click each row from the table in the Citrix environment?

Please find the attached screenshot for reference.

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Have you tried using Get Children activity?
Get how many rows you have in given table and use For Each activity to iterate through children items using Enumerable.Range(1, children.count)

Thanks for reply @bp777 .

Will find children activity works on citrix environment as well?

This is citrix environment

Hi Nithya,

You can use Uipath Remote desktop installed on Citrix environment which will allow you to extract the datatable, after that you can itrate it to work on each row and use click activity to perform next steps.

however, for this you will have to first install Uipath Remote desktop, you can find it on resources section in Orchestrator.



Since , this is a banking portal, some security protection extension is installed,When I tried installing uipath in remote machine. its not indicating specific element… Its indicating whole web screen.So I am unable to use click activity & loop through it.


You’ll have to use image automation/ocr activities or, preferably, Computer vision activities if you want to automate it


Currently, I am using Cv activities only… But for clicking on each element of this table How it can be done? I am stuck here.

Hi nithya,

read more about it here: About UiPath Remote Runtime

Its a separate driver which communicate with your development machine. If you are allowed to install things on Citrix, download this, it will communicate same as your local machine and also will avoid future failures caused by CV activities.


Hi @mayank_26

Thanks for your reply, Have gone through the UiPath remote runtime document.

Should we contact the support team for getting this UiPathremoteruntime.msi installer?

I am currently using UiPath community edition.

You can install it from Studio under Tools but you’ll probably have to install studio on the remote machine as well (but you said you couldn’t).

There should be a “UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe” in your installation folder which you can copy over and set the TaskScheduler yourself.

Usually they don’t let you install things if it’s a third-party platform, at least in my experience.

HI Nithya,

I guess you would have figured it out yourself but I am writing this for the sake of documentation to this query.

You can download UipathRemoteRuntime from Resources available in Orchestratr homepage. I have attached screenshot below. this installer you need to copy and install in Citrix machine.


No Studio installation is required!

Hi @mayank_26

I couldn’t find the option “Remote Runtime installer”

Note- I am currently using Community edition

Just to make sure - To use & work with a Remote run time installer we should use Enterprise ? Or the Community edition will also support this.

I am new to this automation, Kindly share your views regarding this

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nithya,

you can use to access, on the right side at the bottom you will find resource center.

For your information, you can use it on community version as well.

Hi Mayank,

Thanks for the reply, I followed the way you said but unfortunately, At there is no option such as a resource center.

I am currently working with version 2021.4. Here in Uipath docs, it’s mentioned getting this remoteruntime.msi by contacting the support team.

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You can grab it by going to Help section:

And then on the right side: