Citrix automation and click image

Hello guys,
I have a question, i need to run a robot inside a virtuale machine linked to orchestrator, but When i launched it the second operations (click image) failed… If i connect inside the virtuale machine and run via robot tray click image work correctly why happened that?
Thanks in advance

what happened here because of the resolution is difference while Robot remoting your VM. this is normal on VM. what u need to do is you need to set resolution on your robot setting in Orchestrator.

remember the resolution size should same as when you coding.


Where can i see the resolution of vm where i coding?

it follows your monitor resolution.

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Thanks for the reply, in this case i developed in VM1, i want to run in VM2 via my laptop in local, so i need to check the screen resolution of the VM1 and put it on orchestrator? THx

yup. exactly what u said.

Dont forget to check “Solution” if you think so.

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