Citrix architecture

Does anyone know what the citrix architecture looks like if you want to install uipath and studio on an citrix environment?
does someone have a document or picture?
how does the install looks like.

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Do you want to install Uipath studio in virtual machine where actual applications installed to be automate ?

i want to install studio and robot on a citrix environment vdisk, so the users can use the robots in a citrix environment with there own ad accounts. So how does the architecture looks like if you install studio and robot on a citrix environment.


As you people are planning to install Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio and it should be system specific. Any user can login into that vdisk machine with their credentials and then trigger the BOT. But at a time only one user can login and run the BOT.


Architecture Overview

The UiPath Remote Runtime is installed on the Citrix application server, while the UiPath Citrix Extension on the client machine. The communication between these components is done through an ICA Virtual Channel . This is the same mechanism used for transmitting data such as audio and video for Citrix Apps, so no additional configuration is needed.

The diagram below showcases the data flow between the client and the server:

For more details

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we will be using the communition edition. we have 10 processes from 10 different departments. each user of a department must use his own ad account to use the robot(process). so the robot is connected to a ad account to a user. We dont want that a robot has his own ad account, because if the user use his citrix session and he/she want to use the robot (with his own ad account) it will cost a extra citrix session. a extra citrix session means extra citrix license…

thanks a lot! what is the best way to use the robots on citrix, a robot has his own active directory account or the user has a ad account to use the robot. we dont want to use a lot of citrix sessions because this cost a lot of citrix license. so can you tel me more about it? For example, we want to buy a concurrent runtime license. We have 10 processes(10 robots) for 10 different departments. so ewch department can use a robot with there own ad account. They log in on the citrix environment, the start the robot, the robot is connected to a ad account of a user , the robot starts a citrix session to a citrix environment to do the job. Is this correct?