Installing UiPath Studio on VDI Xen Citrix Environment

Can UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot be installed on VDI Xen Citrix Environment?
And if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to install UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot on a classic Windows Client VM?
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Hi @Mork1993,
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Sure it can be installed. It’s all a matter of licenses. Each robot/studio instance requires each own licence (orchestrator is usefull here). Advantage is that you could have access to studio from the computers around the globe (in case if StoreFront is deployed) and have access to the environment which needs to be automated directly. But I’m pretty sure you know how Citrix works :wink:

Hi @Pablito,
Thank you for the answer.
Are there any limitations?
Can problems arise in software development and release in the production environment?
Ultimately, is it better to install Studio and Robot on a Windows Client VM or in a VDI Xen Ctrix environment?
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Those are very though questions. All depends on the specific of environment. If you have dedicated team of RPD Dev which need to have access to Studio and environment the Citrix seems to be the perfect way here. VM scenario is better if it goes about the performance. All users will have their own separate VM with Studio instead of sitting together on one server in separate instances as it is in Citrix.

Regarding software development problems. I’ve never met with two identical environment (test and prod) so there is always chance for some issues.

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