CI/CD Pipeline - How to deploy project without updating it in Orchesrator

I am using a UiPath CLI to package and deploy the package to Orchestrator. I would like to have control of what processes are being updated, in what Folders, or not updated at all. But I don’t understand from the documentation how it can done.

How can I deploy a package and not update or create any process in Orchestrator?
How can I update processes that are in 2 Folders and use the same package?

Hi @VRish ,

I’m doing the same research this week and I found out that the CI process grabs the project and creates the nuget package in another source control. So, this first leg doesn’t deploy it into the Orchestrator. The CD Process is the one responsible for grabbing the nuget package from the source control and publishes it to whatever Orchestrator you want.

There are different options available for you to achieve that goal such as Azure, Jenkins, and so on. But the overall process is going to be the same.

I hope that helps.

Hello @Joel_Medeiros
Yes, I am using GitLab for CI/CD pipeline. My problems are with the deploy command:

  1. --createProcess parameter doesn’t work as indented and if set it to False it still creates a process. Confirmed by UiPath Technical Support
  2. --organizationUnit parameter doesn’t support multiple values, so I cannot update two processes in different Folders that use the same package. Technical Support reviewing this.

Official support says it is not possible now.

Bug TS-2117, no workaround present.
You can delete the process manually if the process is deployed, but we cannot cancel the process creation.

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