Chrome extension update (versions 18.3 to 21.4)

A new Chrome extension is planned to be published in the Chrome Web Store on June 7th 2022.

The update will apply only for the Chrome extension used by following UiPath versions: 18.3, 18.4, 19.4, 19.10, 20.4, 20.10, 21.4 and is needed for compliance with Google Web Store policies.

Chrome browser behavior
Once published, at the first start/restart only, the Chrome browser will auto-update the UiPath Chrome extension. Depending on network performance, this operation might take Chrome browser a longer startup time.

Possible impact:
The Chrome browser might require longer startup time in order to download and install the UiPath extension (first time only). The operation triggers the browser tabs to refresh as well. Thus, the first run of the automation, processes that open a new browser instance may fail. For customers using UiPath v19.10 or v20.10, this extension update will also affect the Edge browser.

Mitigation options:

  • Option 1: Manually restart the Chrome browser to allow UiPath extension auto-update, before running automation processes.
  • Option 2: Monitor the automation processes and restart the ones that might have failed.

Do not hesitate to comment on this thread if you experience any issues post update.


hello, after the update my community version 2022.4.3 is having problems to interact with web applications! I already carried out the solution offered by this post, but the problem continues. Greetings.

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Hi @IOrlando,

Did you try to start chrome as administrator before doing anything?


no mate, im starting it with default browser activity.

Sometimes company policies prevent the installation of extensions. If this is the case, it is necessary to install by running a run administrator to overcome it.

This did not happen to me until after the extension update

There may be many reasons for this, security package updates etc. It will take less time to re-install instead of detailing them.

@IOrlando this post relates to a chrome extension update planned for versions 18.3 to 21.4.
We did not yet perform the update, it is planned for June 7.

The issues you’re having cannot be related to the announced chrome extension update on this thread since this did not happen yet and you’re using a different UiPath version than the ones we’re planning to update.

If you’re using the 22.4.3 community version & you’ve started having issues after the community update which happened earlier this week, could you please provide additional details on the issues you’re facing in a different post so that you can get some feedback more specific to the the issues you’re noticing?

Please tell me about the version.
Is it a version of UiPath Studio? Or is it a version of the Chrome extension?

I use this in my environment.
Am I subject to an update?

・UiPath Web Automation 9.0
・UiPath Studio 2020.10.6


Can you share exact time to be available new version because I want to update it manually as soon as it’s released?


@Yoichi we’re targeting to perform the update on June 7, around 9-10 AM CET. However, it cannot be a fixed time.
We’ll be announcing the update completion on this thread once it’s done. If you’ll mark this thread as watching, you should receive notifications once we post the update announcement.

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The update will apply for the Chrome extension used by the following UiPath Studio versions: 18.3, 18.4, 19.4, 19.10, 20.4, 20.10, 21.4.
The version of the Chrome extension which comes with the above Studio versions is 9.0.6824. This will change after the update from 9.0.6824 to 9.0.6827.

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this extension update will also affect the Edge browser.
Can anyone help me explain how Uipath chrome extension affect the Edge browser?

Hi all

Does this update affects chrome/edge extension policy allowing installation of extensions?
I am specially worried about the value for the ExtensionInstallAllowlist policy because it is different depending on the UiPath version.

The value for the ver 2020.10 is “dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh” while the one for the ver 2022.4 is “femlfgkoahmpkceibadfboihnjmmldnb”

I referred from Chrome Group Policies (

Is this value overwritten into the one of the higher version once I installed updated extensions? (my uipath ver is 2020.10)

If somebody help me, it would be super wonderful!


I would like to know why you are rushing this release. Does delaying this release cause some serious impact?

In Japan, it was announced on June 2nd. In our case, we received this notice at 18:30 (i.e. after working hours) from UiPath Japan. Eventually, many companies noticed it on Friday morning. We were given just 2 working days to announce to customers and prepare…

Also users cannot do anything until the release is complete. Did you know that the release time 17:00 in Japan is the time we leave work? We have to do overtime to prepare.

I really wish that UiPath care more about customers.

It would be understandable if this release is about a serious security bug which would affect many users. But I don’t see it from here.

It was really easy to understand.
Thank you.

This is to announce that the extension update is now completed.
The Chrome extension available on Google Web Store has changed from 9.0.6824 to 9.0.6827

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Does this update affects chrome/edge extension policy allowing installation of extensions?

No, this update will not affect your Group Policy in any way.
Your extension will be automatically updated when you restart the browser, and it will continue to have the same ID: dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh


Thank you, Marius!