2021.10 can’t load the Chrome extension

2021.10 can’t load the Chrome extension,Could you please repair it?

@Stay can you please provide details?
Have you upgraded from another version?
Do you see the extension in the browser displaying error messages?

I download the chrome extension from 2021.10,but the extension didn’t display in the browser

Do you maybe have multiple Chrome user profiles?

Maybe,but the chrome extension works with older Studio version

so I would like to use older studio version, but studio always update to 21.0, could you please tell me how to make studio not update?

I split the conversation into this new topic.

Have you managed to get this running @Stay?

The free Community license will always automatically auto-update you, so that is not possible.

However, the extension needs to work for you and we are happy to assist here.
Please have a look at this Troubleshooting guide here: