Chrome Extension doesn't work for 2018.3 Beta



Hey @ovi @MirceaGrigore @badita,

Chrome extension doesn’t work for me with UiPath Studio 2018.3 Beta. I tried reinstalling it many times from the extension within Options -> Tools & Extension but with no success.

I did went back to 2018.2 Version of the Studio and tested by installing the chrome extension from there and it did work perfectly.

Rammohan B.

Start project in chrome

Hi @Rammohan91,
Thanks a lot for your feedback! As a suggestion, could you please follow these steps and see if it is working:

  1. Uninstall the current extension
  2. Install Chrome Extension
  3. Start Chrome
  4. Enable the extension
  5. Restart Chrome again

We are aware of this bug and we are looking into it.
Please run this scenario and tell us if it solves the problem for you.

Thanks a lot!


Hey @radutzp, Thanks for the reply,

I did tried to restart chrome after installation before as well, just did it again few times as per your steps but still with no success.

Rammohan B.


Rammohan, how did you install 18.3? Fresh install, upgrade, switched to Beta channel? Also, Chrome extension doesn’t install at all or it doesn’t detect the elements on the screen?



Hey @ovi,

I installed 2018.3 Beta by Switching to Beta Channel. I am able to install the chrome extension successfully, but once installed i am not able to detect any elements using UiExplorer or Activities.

There were times when i saw 2 different Chrome Extension visible next to one another. I believe one of them was for 2018.2 and another for 2018.3 Beta. I believe that could be due to the reason that i was trying to open 2018.2 instance of the studio and check if the extension works there. It does work with 2018.2 when i install the extension from that instance of fhe studio again.

Rammohan B.


Do we have any solution for this? I am facing the same issue


Can you check if you have two extensions in Chrome? And if so, disable the old one? The workaround would be to fresh install the 18.3 build: