Choose type of activity date from web application calendar


Iv’e got problem to get/choose exact date from “inside” web application calendar.
There are two calendars to choose date from-to time/date

I would like to achieve to get on first calendar yesterday date and with second calendar today day with is easier.

If someone would help me out with with it will be appreciated.

@Waldemar_Lusiak can you check if you are able to type into Date and time Manually into the From box

I want to create each day a export file with chosen date for whole week. So rpa should always choose on first calendar yesterday and on second today’s date to get 24h period of time.

And it is not possible to type into any date, i can only click/choose the date.

@Waldemar_Lusiak, First check the selector for Both the calender(yesteradya and today)
then Check for calender pop up came or not
If came then make the selector Dymamic with For Todays: selctor:
For yesterdays selector: Datetime.Today.AddDays(-1).Day.ToString