Checkout branch error

When I try to checkout to a branch i get the following error.


Local unversioned files would be overwritten (see Details). Please commit or remove them and try again.


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You have to commit that change before checking out to another branch. Click this icon to do so:

I have no commits to push.

Try closing studio and re-opening the project. Something may not be updating properly.

Looks like the content in C:\Users\alvaro.j.nobre\Desktop\YKK-Forecast\UiPath.local\nuget.cache.backup was updated locally. You can force overwrite as the content present inside C:\Users\alvaro.j.nobre\Desktop\YKK-Forecast\UiPath.local\nuget.cache.backup doesn’t really make any difference.


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If you are using git then run following command if you have nothing commit:
Git reset --hard

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Try to generate new clone username and password. Pass those into UiPath studio when you commit and push