No active branch while changes are present


Just stumbled upon a bug when opening the GIT project in UiPath, yesterday everything was fine and my branch was selected but when I opened it today, there was no active branch.

First thing I decided to do was to change the branch, however then this error popped up.

However since there is no branch it was impossible to commit changes

I don’t know the steps to reproduce it since I haven’t done anything special between yesterday and today.

However it’s easy to fix:

  1. Open console in the project folder
  2. Checkout branch with git checkout <branch_name>

Hi @GT_Ropa , thanks for reporting this.
It would be helpful (even if some time has passed since then) if you could recall the Studio version that showed the behavior and/or if you by any chance have used any other git tool - such as Git Bash, Git Extensions etc - before opening the Studio process again that next day.
Any hint would help to identify the steps for reproducing the behavior, so thank you in advance!

Hi @coramia

At the time I was already using the newest version of StudioUiPath Studio 22.10.4 or 22.10.3, but not sure which was it.

As for using any other tools, now I cannot recall anything.
However since I was able to checkout the branch from the console, I guess .git/config was fine.

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Thank you very much for the reply! We’ll try to reproduce the issue internally with the indicated version.