Checking whether an area(e.g city) in one excel exist within an area (e.g state) in another excel


Please help me with below automation.

Data 1: Contains Working area inputed by employee manually.

|Employee Name :|XYZ||

|Date|Working Area|TA Amount|

|Monday, March 1, 2021|Chandigarh|daily ALW|
|Tuesday, March 2, 2021|Chandigarh|Daily ALW|
|Wednesday, March 3, 2021|Chandigarh|Daily ALW|
|Thursday, March 4, 2021||Offical Holiday|
|Friday, March 5, 2021||Offical Holiday|
|Saturday, March 6, 2021||Offical Holiday|
|Sunday, March 7, 2021||Offical Holiday|
|Monday, March 8, 2021|Chandigarh|Daily ALW|
|Tuesday, March 9, 2021|Ambala|Daily ALW|
|Wednesday, March 10, 2021|Chandigarh|Daily ALW|
|Thursday, March 11, 2021|Lalru|Daily ALW|
|Friday, March 12, 2021|Gurgaon|Outstation ALW|
|Saturday, March 13, 2021|Gurgaon|Outstation ALW|
|Sunday, March 14, 2021||Sunday|
|Monday, March 15, 2021|Chandigarh|daily ALW|
|Tuesday, March 16, 2021|Chandigarh|daily ALW|
|Wednesday, March 17, 2021|Chandigarh|daily ALW|
|Thursday, March 18, 2021|Palampur|Outstation ALW|

Data 2: Contains automatic location punch through employee mobile when he visited that place.

|Employee Name|Employee Email|Date|Time|Location|

|XYZ||01/03/2021|11:15 AM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||01/03/2021|12:45 PM| Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||01/03/2021|12:48 PM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||02/03/2021|11:52 AM|Punjab, India|
|XYZ||02/03/2021|12:38 PM| Punjab , India|
|XYZ||03/03/2021|10:56 AM|Punjab, India|
|XYZ||03/03/2021|11:48 AM|Punjab , India|
|XYZ||08/03/2021|11:33 AM| Chandigarh, , India|
|XYZ||08/03/2021|12:08 PM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||08/03/2021|12:57 PM|Punjab , India|
|XYZ||11/03/2021|11:39 AM|Punjab, India|
|XYZ||11/03/2021|2:10 PM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||12/03/2021|4:17 PM|New Delhi, Delhi, India|
|XYZ||13/03/2021|9:06 AM|New Delhi, Delhi , India|
|XYZ||15/03/2021|10:58 AM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||15/03/2021|11:25 AM|Chandigarh, , India|
|XYZ||15/03/2021|1:11 PM| Punjab, India|
|XYZ||16/03/2021|10:32 AM| Punjab , India|
|XYZ||16/03/2021|11:51 AM|Punjab, India|
|XYZ||16/03/2021|3:30 PM|Punjab , India|
|XYZ||17/03/2021|10:48 AM|Punjab India|
|XYZ||17/03/2021|1:37 PM|Chandigarh, India|
|XYZ||18/03/2021|6:24 PM| Himachal Pradesh, India|

Robot should compare both the data and check whether the manual entry area lies within the automatic punch area on that particular date . . And we have to make a new column in Data 2 where True will be written if this condition is fulfilled else False. In Case of Holiday in Data 1 and no automatic punch in Data 2, it will still be true.