Check the data in excel

I have 3 excel sheets , sheet1 has date data , sheet2 has date data and other information , sheet3 is empty

I want know how can I let the RPA select the date data in sheet1 ,then go to sheet2 if the date data contain in this sheet , copy and paste in sheet3 .
which the actions should i use.

thank youuu

Hi @Reem_Althumairy

Use read range activity to get the data from Sheet1 into Sheet1_DT Data table.
Another read range activity to get the data from Sheet2 into Sheet2_DT Data table.

Use Join Data Tables activity with Join Type as inner on these two data tables to get the common values based on date data.

Use write range activity to write output data into Sheet3.

If you have any sample data please send it. i will create a workflow and send it to you.


Hi ,
This is the sample file (excel file ) that you requested , it contain the 3 sheets that I already talked about it ,also I couldn’t find the read range action on Studio X .
I really appreciate your asisstance .
Thank you .

RPA.Data.xlsx (14.9 KB)

Hey @Reem_Althumairy

I thought you are using Studio. Let me check with StudioX and Get back to you.


For more clearance , I want to let the RPA search if the date on sheet one match the date on sheet 2 (like a quick search ) , if it matched then he well copy the whole row (the name and other information ) on sheet 2 and paste it on sheet 3 , at the end we will have only the data that have been matched with the date on sheet one in sheet 3 .

ok thank you