Target element is disabled. Operation canceled

Hi Uipath,

I am experieincing the error target element is disabled. Opearation canceled randomly.

Sometimes the element is enabled sometimes it not.

My issue is when the element is disabled the robot cannot proceed to click the element.

is there a way to manage this type of error?

advance thanks


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Hello @Alvin_Apostol3 ,

A scenario is to use Get Attribute of that specific element. Maybe you can see there the state of that element.
After that with an IF action you can continue your flow logic.


Hey @Alvin_Apostol3

Kindly enable the AlterIfDisabled prop for the Click actiivity.

Ref -


hi @Nithinkrishna

For some reason I don’t have that option on my end.

I’m I missing something?

let me know


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Hey @Alvin_Apostol3

Ok I believe you are using modern click activity.

To use the classic click activity,

  • Go to the Activities Panel

  • Click Filter

  • Select Show Classic which will enable classic activities

  • Now search for Click activity in the activity panel again

  • You will get two of those - One which you used already and the other will be classic one

Try drag drop the Classic Click and perform the click action with AlterIfDisabled prop enabled.

Hope this helps



Check below for your reference

Hope this will help you


Hi @wasea

Try to use Get Attribute

Hi @Alvin_Apostol3,

Use the AlertIfDisabled property of click activity, this property is available in the Classic Properties which you can get by enabling the “ShowClassic” from the filters section of activities panel.



I found it!

thanks for your help!


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Perfect @Alvin_Apostol3 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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