Checking if a text is Highlighted on a web page

Hi Experts

I am just a week old in the UIpath world and am really excited to learn automation! So basically, here’s the ask:

On a webpage i want to robot to check if in the window on my webpage, the text is highlighted or not. If highlighted then the bot should delete the user email id.

In the image below as you can see, on my website, i have an open window where i enter the email ids. What I want to do is (as shown in the image) want the bot to remove the incorrect email ids. This incorrect email id is identified by the ‘red color’ underline. so the bot should click the cross (remove) for any such mail ids.



If you inspect the element with Ui Explorer and look at its class attribute you might notice an interesting value. If that’s the case, you can check if the element’s class contains xxx.

If element.Get("class").ToString.Contains("xxx")

Or get the element’s class attribute with a GetAttribute activity and check if the result contains xxx.

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Thanks for such a prompt response Michael!

I’m really new to the web automation. Am not sure if i know to inspect element and look for class attribute. Can you give 1 liner steps to do so.


Well, you have to spend some time on the UI Explorer. Once you’ve read the doc, give it a try by selecting the element (the email) and look at the property explorer to find something interesting; you’ll get used to it.

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