I want to loop through and log message check or uncheck

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I want to loop through all checkboxes and log message if the box is check or uncheck.

Please help.

Use For each uielement activity go through all check boxes

Inside the “For Each” activity, add an “Element Exists” activity to check if the checkbox element is checked or unchecked. Configure the activity to target the current checkbox element.

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,
You can try for each Ui element Activity
Inside that drop a Get attribute activity and check whether it is Checked or not


you can try For each checkbox, use the “Get Attribute” activity to check the “checked” attribute.

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Use the Get Attribute to get the attribute of each check box is checked\unchecked.

Hope it helps!!

Mine is Desktop based @rlgandu @B_H_Akshatha_Pai @mkankatala
For each ui element is for desktop based so.
Also I want the name with it.

For eg
“ABC is Check/uncheck”


You can use get attribute activity to get the innertext or aaname


Use the “Find Element” activity to locate the container or parent element that contains all the checkboxes on the desktop application or use “get attribute” activity to get the parent class.

Can you please share a flow. Sorry for bothering you. It is kind of difficult to implement

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,
Try using Extract Datatable activity
below is the website image

and below is the workflow and output screenshot

Ok, will try and let you know

@Vikas_M it says element is not eligible

Actually I want to do it with one single activity. One by one will increase the size of the flow so.

May i know if you are automating this to an application or website, if possible share the link

I cannot share the link Im using desktop application

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Hey @Bhushan_Nagaonkar
Since you are using an application, you can use a for loop , and inside u can use AnchorBase and modify the selectors and then get the attribute if that Checkbox.

below is the Get attribute Output image

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

I found the solution for your query.
Use the Get attribute activity and indicate the element. In the dropdown select the “Checked” attribute. The output of the Get attribute activity is saved in string datatype change it to Boolean.

Take an If condition and check the Boolean value.
I have created a workflow for your reference please find out that workflow attached at below.
Excel_Demo.xaml (23.4 KB)

Hope it helps!!

So it will loop through all the elements?

Can you share a complete screen shot @Vikas_M I just want to see the for each and if condition. BTW thankyou for your effort @mkankatala @Vikas_M .I will try and let you know. It will loop with only one get attribute activity right.

Yes @Bhushan_Nagaonkar , absolutely