How to click on check boxes by passing the value from excel for a particular set of data



How to click on check boxes based on the value we are passing from excel.

  1. What value we should pass from excel?
  2. which activity i should use ?
    and am doing this for a particular set of users using for each row activity.


Can you please provide some examples of the checkbox & the values that you are talking about? Basically would like to know how do you identify each checkbox based on the values from excel? Is there any relation between the 2.

I am considering as below:
Checkbox1 should be checked when the value in a particular column is Value1
Checkbox2 should be checked when the value in a particular column is Value2 and so on.

Is my understanding correct?

Rammohan B.



i want to click on these check boxes by passing the data from excel.


right now am using click activity and giving screenshot in click activity to click on these check boxes its fine for single user, but when am doing it for a certain set of users capturing a screenshot is not a best practice as i think because it will do the same for whole set of people.
So, i want to pass the check box data from excel based on which it should select or unselect the check boxes.


These are the selectors for first and second click activity which i want to click.
so could you please tell me what value or data i should send from excel ?


While clicking on the radio buttons also am facing the same issue. So, please tell me the solution with respect to radio buttons also.


Hi, Rekha. The BOT doesn’t click any UI element Or check or uncheck your checkboxes based on the screenshots it captures. It makes use of selectors here.

I believe what you need is a condition based on which you’ll check the checkboxes. Is there any column for “Ticketless Travel” or “Same as Billing Address” that says True or False or Yes or No?

It will be better if you could share the excel data that you’re using OR some dummy data that resembles the data you have?


yeah, exactly That’s what am asking !!
i made columns for both “Ticketless Travle” and “same as Billing Address” and am not getting what data i should write on this excel columns to check this check boxes when i look at the selectors.
so give me a idea !! :disappointed_relieved:


Did you try Anchor base activity? Pass some parameter or value from excel sheet then in If condition Find the element or image you want to click and then use a click activity. I am sure that would work


well,i hope so, let me try…


Rekha, if you have created such columns already, just add either true/false or Yes/No values in the columns. Let’s say in the “TicketLess Travel” column, you’ve used either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. In your workflow, first use an if activity to check if the value for that particular user is ‘Yes’. If it is, put your click activities inside the then block.


yeah OK. using if else means,i think it will work only for two check boxes. then what can we do if we have more than two check boxes???

Is there any identity for each check box and radio buttons,if it is there means can we pass that to the “click activity” from excel??


It shall work for all. If there are multiple checkboxes, you’ll obviously have to use as many 'if’s and inside each if, a click activity for the checkbox.