How to Check multiple checkbox in web from data excel

anyone can help me, how to fix that. I have column the name is Impact. there is a 3 menu that i have to entry and check into the web.
this is the image.

this the impact column in excel

I have to check the box in the web from data in impact column in excel. Anyone can help me? thankyou so much!!

this the checkboxes items in the web


Hi @Imaduddin_Zanki ,

pass argument and change the value dynamically


Thankyou very much for your answer sir. But i’ve try it and not work. If you not busy, Can you give some flowchart or video that show how to solve this problem. Feel free sir to contact my email: thx u🙏

Hello @Imaduddin_Zanki welcome to the UiPath forum! :slight_smile:

You have an excel file with some rows and you want to select all the checkbox that match with your rows, right?
If we work with your prints, you want to select the checkbox “Revenue Loss”, “Account Takeover” and “Unauthorized Access” and all the other checkbox still unchecked, is that right?

So like @RajKumar_DC said you can change the value from the “Check” activity to your row value.

You can read your excel, store it into a DataTable and For Each Row you pass your row(“ColumnName”).ToString to it but you’ll need to check if the checkbox contain your value inside of it.

You said that this approach didnt work, what is the error?

Have you tried to use the check/uncheck and inside the selector of the Check activity pass only the type=‘checkbox’ and anchor it to the string that you want?


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