Issue Regarding OCR

Hello every one i have a problem with getting the text corresbonding to a check box(If this check box is checked) in a scanned image and i need to repeat this process in more than one pdf image like 100 ber day.
That is what i did till now for this part and a scanned pdf sample with it.
Main.xaml (247.3 KB)
Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

You need use a special OCR service that can do checkbox status detection.Google Cloud service can not do it. Abbyy and can do it.

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@Mohammad.Khaled the “Digitize Document” activity from the IntelligentOCR package performs checkbox detection, as well as checkbox state detection (to some extent), but it is specifically designed to work for documents, not crops, so it might not identify them correctly in the sample images.

if what you shared with us is coming from a full-page, you might want to try that, and then maybe filter the values from a specific region (custom code on top of the DocumentObjectModel and Text outputs of the mentioned activity).


I triad google cloud, abby cloud then at the end i used abby flexicapture and got the rest of the document but the abby flexi didn’t recognize the check boxes as well.

i tried digtize document but nothing the same problem it didn’t recognize the checkboxes so i tried with this image exists although i know it won’t work but i tried all possible solution i even contacted the uipath branch in the country here and they suggested the abby flexicapture and same problem occured.