Check website

Hi, I am learner in UiPath, Can some help me in checking website, how will robot will recognize that website is up or down.

You can use Image Exists, Text Exists activities.

Let’s say there is some image or text which is visible when website is down use that image or text with mentioned activities.

Open a browser with website you want to open and see if that image or text exists

Something like this one for an example, you can use no internet as text and dino as image


Thanks, I have tried that one, but if there any other logics to check whether site is up or down such as in while, or if or for each activities.

You can only loop on some sort of list, collection, array etc

Alternatively you can ping the website from command prompt and if it returns timed out means site is down but that would be cumbersome than above solution


In command prompt its not fully eligable to say its up or down. I have lists of sites to check, so I need to do in loop, and need some logic in it. Thank you.