Not able to automate the website if sever goes down

Hi All,

I am trying to restore a website which is hosted on weblogic server.

When the website is up in the server it is giving me the expected output but when i down the website manually from other pc, and the page is not loading , i want the bot should give me other output

I used flow chart ![Screenshot%20(18)|690x388] (upload://7wXNTzVHgwiLYZn8iv58loAM3dq.png)
in the first step i open the website through open browser activity
2nd step i am checking a click here box from the website and storing in a variable
3rd step i have added an if condition

4th step i am refreshing the page

and i have connected 4th step with 1st step
when i close the website from weblogic server it is not going in the else part
i don’t know where i am lacking
please help

thanks in advance

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I had faced a similar issue very recently. What I was instead of using If activity I used the Flow Decision activity. It worked better for me.

Try it out and let me know if it helps :smiley:

I used flow decision as well but it didn’t worked

what is this variable loaded? I mean where do you get this variable from?

i got this from image exist activity.


Hi @Pradyumn_Agrawal,
In properties of Image Exist activity there is a section Target and WaitForReady option. Have you tried to user different options there?

I tried using None as well as Complete and Interactive one
but nothing happened
when i down the website from weblogic server it does nothing and check for image exist property and do nothing

This is my workflow

You can check my example workflow for google webpage if it’s working to you.
image_exist.xaml (14.5 KB)
Additionally please check your workflow with IE instead of Chrome.

It worked when i checked the website with page status and applied the condition accordingly
every time when the page loads it return the code 200 or something so i put a condition like
if code = 200 then return true else false
to do so we need to download https request package in UI path studio (if not downloaded).
Main.xaml (23.9 KB)

you can check my workflow