HTtp REquest - Statuscode

Http request activity - while preview showing status code as 200 and while running getting output as 407.

could you elaborate more … may be with screenshot of properties of http request activity ?

While using HTTPs activity , I am giving the url in the Endpoint and click preview it shows the ouput as 200 and then I give okay and run the process I am getting as 407 as status code.

response differ while preview it and while running it

The 407 Proxy Authentication Required is an HTTP response status code indicating that the server is unable to complete the request because the client lacks proper authentication credentials for a proxy server that is intercepting the request between the client and server.

by default in preview of HTTP request activity Authentication will be None, check if OAuth1 and OAuth2 in HTTP request activity properties are not having any values if any values are present remove them and test

if this didnt help please share the properties pane screenshot

Sorry for the late response…if changes in the Proxy of the file will impact a good results? or It need to be change in system level

Sorry I couldnt share the screenshots…I m working on the client VDI. … I have validated the things You have mentioned still facing the same issue…