Check the Time is greater than 1 mins


i have a timing list in excel sheet…

In Time : 09.57:02 not equal to Zero or null


As show in image write status based on In time is greater one min or Not… if greater one mins wrtite cutoms text…or else write Less than Zero Mins…


Hi @Shyam_Pragash

You are duplicating the same request. Creating duplicates of posts is not recommended. It will not solve your question sooner.

I suggest you continue finding a solution in your original thread Based on Time bot write Present or Absent

Hi @jeevith

Can you help to solve my issue…

DateDiff(dateinterval.Minute,Convert.todatetime(your variable for in time),Convert.todatetime(your variable for out time))

take your time as a string
use nested if to find it by convert string to int

Hi @Shyam_Pragash,

@ashwin.ashok has already provided you an answer in the original thread.

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