Convert time to minutes and check if it is greater than 90 min

Hi All,

In excel I have one column which has data like 1:14:00 AM.
I want to convert this to minutes.
So for above time it will be

1:14:00 - 74 minutes will be the output.

And after converting it to minutes I have to check if it is greater than 90 minutes or not.

Please help.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ravig1206,

I am assuming this is similar to your other question: Find time difference in minutes - Build - UiPath Community Forum
It is a good practice to NOT make duplicates of similar questions.

That said, the approach here will be a little different (Since you do not specify which time you want to use as reference value, so I am assuming it is the current time (Now))

  1. Read the input time string
  2. Parse the string using DateTime.Parse(TimeString)
  3. Finally, you can substract Now and ParsedTimeSting, Convert to TotalMinutes and check if it is greater than 60 minutes (You can use the If Condition and use the similar check)

Here is a suggested workflow: ConvertToMinutes.xaml (6.1 KB)

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