Check Orchestrator URL is Configured Correctly

This article outlines the necessary places to check for a correctly configured Orchestrator url in environments utilizing Identity Server (20.4+).

1.Review the Certificate DNS name listed in the SAN of your Orchestrator certificate. IIS->Sites->Orchestrator->Bindings->Edit->View-Details

2. If you're using 20.10 Orchestrator, navigate to your UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config. If 20.4, navigate to your web.config. Check the following parameters:





and make sure any Orchestrator urls present match the Certificate DNS Name obtained from step 1.

3.Do the same for the IdentityServerAddress parameter within Identity Server's appsettings.Production.json file (Orchestrator folder/Identity)

4.Open the ClientRedirectUris table inside Identity Server's database, locate the [RedirectUri] field with any https://[OrchestratorAddress]/signinsystemopenidconnect value. Change the value to https://[Certificate DNS Name]/signinsystemopenidconnect.

5.Open the ClientPostLogoutRedirectUris table inside Identity Server's database and locate the [PostLogoutRedirectUri] field with any https://[OrchestratorAddress]/ value. Change the value to https://[Certificate DNS Name]/.