Check if today is holiday from Excel

I have excel file where I have all my holiday dates. I need to check if today equals any of the date from the table, if yes - send mail, if not - continue with the process.

Hi @markosc ,

Read your excel to one datatable. Assign the current date to one variable
TodayDate = DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy/MM/dd”)

In"For Each Row" loop check with if condition
if ( row(“Date”) = TodayDate) then send email


For example I want to check if today = holiday. If yes, write “Holiday”, if it does not equal to any of the dates form excel write line “Working”. If I do it in for each row then it’s giving me Working for all the dates, and I want only one output/write line.

Hi @markosc

Please try this and let me know.
Todays_date = Now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)
ReadDT is your excel datatable
Col1 is your column name of holidays in excel
Use Assign Activity
List1 (List of Strings)=(From row In ReadDT.AsEnumerable() Select((row(“Col1”)).ToString)).ToList()

If Condition

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Thank you, it works.

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