Need your help please To Check The Date inside cell equel today date or not

Hi All
i need help on i have folder in that folder i have 35 excel sheet as shown in snap in that Excel sheet some of them have 96 row and some of them have 336 row as shown in snap first column form eash excel hav data i want to check this date equel today date or not because some time is not equel and if not equel should send email i need to know how i can let Uipath open each excel and check the deta depend on how many row i have

i know that i will use if condition but i do’n know which condition i should mention
i need your help please


Quick summary of actions required:

Use Excel Application Scope to open workbook ( assign property of workbook - varWorkbook)
Then use varWorkbook in a for each loop to get all of the sheet names.
Use Read Range activity to read in sheet (item) to a datatable
For each Row in that datatable you want to check the first column against today date
IF NOT (row.item(0).tostring.equals(Date.Now().ToString(“MMddyyyy”)) [or what ever format your date is in excel]
Send Email
[Do Nothing]

Hope that helps, once you have built your process, I am happy to help more :smile:

hi @TimK
thanks for your replay could you check below as i try to use if condition but still not give me correct answer can you check my Xaml snap this is right


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