Function that checks today date

How can I build a function that checks if column A contains today’s date + column B if the cell says “order executed”? (in an if statement as a condition)

Thank you!


You can use a for each row or LINQ for that.

Could you please send me the excel and the condition that you need do?

For example:
If the column A contains today’s date and the column B the cell says “order executed”, the status column will be done.

Hi @lope_0238

Inside if condition
(CurrentRow(“columnA”).ToString.Contains(DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”))) Or (CurrentRow(“ColumnB”).ToString.Contains(“order executed”))= True

Unfortunately this doesn‘t work… :confused:

(CurrentRow(0).ToString.Contains(DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”))) Or (CurrentRow(1).ToString.Contains(“order executed”))= True

Hi @lope_0238

You can try with this expression in IF activity

CDate(Currentrow("columnA").Tostring.Trim).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy").Contains(Datetime.Now.Tostring("MM/dd/yyyy")) Or  CurrentRow("ColumnB").ToString.Trim.Contains(“order executed”)