If Element Doesnt Exist - Go to next page

I have a automation that keeps stopping on dynamic content on web pages. Some pages dont have the component that is extracted even though each web page is in a list. How do I make the UiPath skip the pages and go to next click that the element is not present in. Thanks in advance. New to UiPath.

Screenshot attached.



You can try with continue on error property and also is the element exists that you are using is not working? If yes then can you check the selector


Thank you for your response.

It exists on some pages, then on others it is not present at all as the RPA is flipping through webpages. The element exist property works on the ones where it is present.

Where would I place the continue on error property?


Ideally that is what you want right…element exists gives false and goes to the else block in your if…ao what is the issue now?


Yes - that is what I want it to do. But it is not for some reason it hangs up and then crashes when the Units is not present on a page.

Any thoughts?

Thank you


So you mean when the required element is not present it would not give false instead fails?

Is there any specific error that you are seeing?

You can try with the modern activity check app state as well…

Also …in get text properties you will see continue on error…if you check that then element exists is also not needed as if get text fails it just moves to next step



This is the error when a page doesn’t have the element.

Thank you for your help.


So the error is at assign but not at element exists…is it that you want to continuw with next loop item or iteration? If so then use continue …in the else condition of if


Hi @power1
You can use “Check APP State” Activity you will indicate element then you will have two options if exist and if not exist and you can add your steps according to those options hope this solve your issue :slight_smile:

Could you check whether the string exists before trying to split? By adding the below condition in the if statement? -
Text.Contains(" ")