How can I populate a list from a web site with excel data


How can I populate a list on a website (where it can’t be written with TypeInto) from an excel with data to be completed by the client?


Read the excel using read range activity then using the below line of code you can convert the required column into a List of string.

Use this list with a For each and type into activity to type the values in the website.

yourDataTable.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(r) r.Field(Of Object)(column.ColumnName)).ToList()


Where do i write the code? Sorry, I’m a beginner…


Use Excel Application scope to read the excel data
declare a datatable to get the output from read range

then in Assign activity in the right side you can write this code
Left side use a List(of String) variable type.

I read the range, but I can’t handle the Assign activity.
And the output when reading my range will be “yourDataTable” from the code given by you?


Check the xaml, I have included two ways, one is fully commented out, if you want use it.
Sequence1.xaml (14.2 KB)

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