Check column X row value is empty take ID of empty row and add that row data to system/web


Hi everyone,
can someone help me…

I want to first check if my excelfile have the ColumnName “SAP-number” and if its true then at the same time i want to check form where the empty of that column start and get the ID of that empty row and read rest of the row data…

Act I want to make this solution to see if my robot have stoped in the middel due to some Error then it should check from where it ended last time.
like it should start with row 5 and register into SAP. so that it wont start adding data in sap again from row 1.
kindly help.

Hi @Latif
Consider your data table is dtData . Use


The output of this expression will be a boolean value denoting the existence of the column.

Read the cell value with in for each row(Get Row Item) and store in variable e.g.; SAP_number . Then using If condition activity, check for string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(SAP_number).

If the current cell is an empty cell, it will recognize it and you can take further action.
you can find current row number by dtData.Rows.Indexof(row) within for each row and assign it to int variable then you can write it somewhere for further use

thanks im trying and will get back.