About how check blank excel file have blank row

how can I check if my excel have blank row, I need check start from row 6, thanks in advance


Hi @Liwq

1.Use Excel Application Scope Activities.
2.Use Read Range Activities.
3.Create DataTable variable
4.Use ForEachRow Activities to iterate in the loop.
5.Use If Activites to check if it is empty or not.

Sample of If condition.
If(row(index or column name).ToString = “”)
or you can use string.empty.

If you want to check starting in row 6 you can use a counter and increment it thru the loop.

cheers :smiley:
Happy learnig



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Hi pattyricarte, I have another question, when I use header_DT.ElementAt(vIndex).ToString to check the excel column,header_DT is IEnumberable variable, when the column is blank, it will throw an error, do you know why, thanks in advance.

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