Checking cell is empty or not

Hi everyone, i have a scenario that i need to read a cell from excel and i want to know that cell is empty or its having anything in that cell .

I’m using this in SAP , I’m reading a cell if it’s having data i need to go further step , if its not having data i need read another cell and write that data in SAP.

Can anyone help me how to solve this

Use Read cell and assign it in a variable
Then check if that variable have any value or not using “IF”
Say IF Variable.trim=“”

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Hi @ranaprathap928

As within If Condition as @ImPratham45 said

If that wont work then also try for below things :-

  1. String Variable = “”
  2. String Variable = String.Empty
  3. String Variable = " "
  4. String Variable = Nothing


  1. String Variable.ToString.Equals(“”)
  2. String Variable.ToString.Equals(String.Empty)
  3. String Variable.ToString.Equals(" ")
  4. String Variable.ToString.Equals(Nothing)

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Sure @Pratik_Wavhal i will check this