Check App State throws XML syntax error

I have an activity where there may or may not be a selector that appears on the screen. So I have a Check App State activity waiting for it to happen (or not).

When the target selector appears, everything works fine. However, when the target selector does not appear, the activity throws an error:

Check App State 'Add new': Value for property [Target.Strict selector] is not a valid XML syntax.

I tried removing the strict selector and I got the same complaint about the fuzzy selector.

This makes no sense. I have used Check App State many times in the past and have never encountered this. At this point I have to configure the click activity and surround it with a Try/Catch if it fails to accomplish my goal, but Try/Catch should not be how this is done.


Please run in debug mode and check the inner exception details from the local panel that might give you more info on what the error is?

And can we see the selector that you are using…