Check App State works only when debugging a single XAML

Hello! Can someone help me with this problem…?

I have one XAML which opens a web app in the Edge browser (during the initialization of a process). The first task is to close the “Restore pages” pop-up if it pops up. Using the “Check App state” under the modern activity “Use App/Browser” activity, the pop-up is detected only when I try to debug that particular XAML itself, but when I debug the entire process which invokes that XAML, the pop-up doesn’t get recognised.

The problem started to occur today. For other reason, I had to reinstall the Edge extension. The process ran well till that moment. Don’t know if it’s related to the problem above :confused:

Below is a picture of debugging only that XMAL itself. If I debug the entire process, it goes to the right branch…

I would be very thankful for the solution since I have already automated the whole process and I have similar problems with “Check App State” in other parts of it. :frowning:

Studio ver: 2021.4.5, Enterprise License


did you try checking the selector again? i mean selecting it again


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga for a quick response. Sure, I did! :frowning:

It’s a simple selector, and when I try to edit it, the pop-up is found…see picture below

okey, and did you check the click selector?

Yes, I did :confused: Also works only when debugging only that xaml.

Hi @dhubak ,

I have a feeling that lengthening the Timeout from 5 seconds to 10 seconds or more might do the trick, could you give that a try?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi, @ashwin.ashok!

Thank you for your response!

It doesn’t work even when I go through it step by step with enough time to give it.

It ran smoothly until today :confused:

Hi @dhubak ,

Could you try Unchecking the Fuzzy Selector and Image and refine the Normal Selector to include the Message in the Dialog Box?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

can i see which input mode are you using?


But I don’t know why the input mode is important regarding the Check App state?

I understand for Click action, though…


Have tried this before, @ashwin.ashok :confused:

I have selected only “Selector” and to read the pop-up title text “Restore pages” instead of the whole pop-up window

As I said before…it ran well until today :confused:

it affects evertything really, can you try not clicking the cross but clicking the button?


@fernando_zuluaga, I can but that would not be the solution because I need “fresh” browser only with the targeted URL. Also, I have similar problems in other parts of a process, not the pop-up thing but other elements that are also can’t be recognised under the Check App State from today. Also works only when I debug single xaml, not the whole process :confused: I assumed that solving this particular problem will solve my problems in other parts of a process

Just tried with the classic activity “Open Browser” and it works fine when I debug the whole process. But that means that I have to rearrange the whole process with the classic activities :cold_face: It would be great that I don’t have to do that.

try change the app state by an element exist, and then valide it


I removed “Check App State” and replaced it with “Element Exist”. Also, I put the classic click activity and it works both debugging single xaml and the whole process.

Modern click doesn’t work while debugging the whole process, only when debugging that particular xaml :confused: Still don’t understand why :confused:

I still think it is a “half” solution, especially when all worked with Check App State and modern click until today. I have many controls with Check App States during the whole process which replaces “Element Exist/If condition” combination…

Has anyone have an idea how to make Check App State work again while debugging a whole process not only that particular xaml?

i’m thinking thats is not a studio problem but page problem, the automations is working well, or maybe there’s another thing that we dont see, however if the classic works you can use this, thats why we got the both activities available.

also you can try using the wait for page load to complete and check visibility, maybe it makes difference



God damn, that was frustrating! The reason is that I had created Custom Culture (HR, Croatia) on the Global level at the beginning of the process and, for some reason, it confused ‘Check App State’ activity and all under it. Classic activities worked fine…

Very strange…

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