Check app state - skipping to next transaction

Hi All,

Using RE framework for transaction based queue.

Using SAP and other vendor portal in this use case.

Recently i am facing some probelm that while entering some values in SAP application, it will give us different pop-ups and according add some more activities.
and similiar with third party portal.

Due to lag in portal, it could not find the text box required for that sequence and default 5s.

Usually if not found, it will go to next activity in the sequence, but past few days it goes to next transaction.

Bot is running almost 5 months in prod and this is happening past few days only.

Running in cloud orchestrator… Anyone facing similiar issue ? and found any remedies.

As of now, i can add throw exception activity in else part of check app state, but as i said in the begining, sometime different pop-ups may appear or not. and we have added the activity based on pop-ups appearing.

Appericate, if someone can provide some clue on this

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There are a few possible reasons for this issue:

recent change to the SAP or vendor portal applications. This could have caused the location of the text boxes that the bot is targeting to change.
Ensure that your selectors are robust and reliable. If there are slight changes in the UI of SAP or the third-party portal, it can cause selectors to fail. Consider making your selectors more dynamic or using wildcards where appropriate.

This is important again, ensure that the robot’s environment has sufficient resources (CPU, RAM) to run the automation smoothly. Resource limitations can lead to unexpected behavior.
As it may show down the application to run and perform which in turn will drag the bot

As a workaround, Consider implementing a custom retry mechanism within your workflow. For example, you can use a loop to repeatedly check for the element’s presence before proceeding.

This can be solved one by one and eventually will become stable

Cheers @veeramani.shanmugam

HI @veeramani.shanmugam

in your process you can Implement a delay and retry mechanism when you encounter pop ups sometime different pop-ups may appear or notelements that may not be immediately available. In your sequences, you can use a combination of “Element Exists” activities and “Retry Scope”

  1. if the pop ups found you can close that and you can add any exception to that
  2. if the pop ups not found you can continue the process

this way you can try

thanks all, for your quick responses.

let me make it more clear. here my concerns is How check app state behave, if its not able to find the certain element ? Yes our selectors are robust and as mentioned it ran past few months.

I am facing this issue only few days back,
how its skipping to next transaction in the queue, if that element didnt appear
if that element didnt appear, it will go to next activity right in that sequence ?

If the element is found, the activities inside “Target appears” sequence are performed. If the element is not found within the set timeout, then activities within “Target does not appear” sequence are performed.