Bot skipping few queue items to process but marking them as successful in Orchestrator queue

I have run my Bot several time, each time for 200 inventories.
Every time bot is skipping 2-3 records to process but it is marking them as successful in orchestrator queue.
I checked orchestrator log as well for skipped records, there were not logs maintained in orchestrator.

Unable to understand what is causing this issue. Kindly help with some resolution.

Hi @Manish.Verma

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It would be great if you could provide some more details.

  1. how did you verify that the 2-3 records were missed to be processed?
  2. can you try testing with less number of records, eg, 50, 100 and check if anything is missed?


HI Arun,

This issue was identified during UAT.

Business has audited the records and inform to me that 2-3 records were skipped by bot.

When I tried to check orchestrator logs for those records, I found that no logs were maintained there but queue item was marked as successful and execution
time also was marked against that record.

Notifications are turned on for any exception cases but since bot did not mark it as exception, so business did not receive any notification. And this is big

NOTE: Orchestrator queue does not have unique reference as we may have same inventory appear multiple time in a input/inventory file. Which is absolutely fine
as per business.

Thanks & Regards,

Manish Kumar Verma

HI Manish

Thanks. Yet , without knowing with either logs or notification we might not be able to find which message and why it got skipped.

Try enabling loggers and replicate the issue.

It could be a one off case as well.


Hi Arun,

Let me explain scenario in more detail.

Below is the data of my orchestrator queue:

Hi @Manish.Verma

In the workflow, for each iteration of the queue items, I suggest you to write the data in the queue to a text file. This will allow you to verify whether the workflow is actually retrieving the data in the queue to process. If the items that you think are missed are written in the text file, that means workflow has taken them to proess, but for some reason, it has not processed inside the workflow. This could be an error in the workflow or some conditions not being met.

This is the easiest way to start debugging for the problem… Give it a shot and see how it works.

You can also try the debug mode. But, since you have 200 odd records, I suggest the text file approach as a start before digging deep into the issue