"Check App State" activity doesn't work properly

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the “Check App State” activity. I want to automate a process where transaction numbers are copied from an Excel file and entered into the search field of a web database. The goal is to identify the transaction numbers that do not exist in the database. I use the “Check App State” activity, which checks whether or not a result is displayed after entering the transaction number. If the transaction number is available, the automation should simply continue with the next number. If the transaction number does not exist, the corresponding line in the Excel file should be highlighted in red.

The problem is that as soon as a transaction number is not found, the following transaction number is also marked red, even though there is an entry for it. I have already tried to solve the problem by increasing the time in the “Wait for element to appear” setting, but without success. What confuses me is the fact that the subsequent process number is highlighted in red before the set waiting time has expired.
Does anyone have any idea what exactly the problem is and how I can solve it? Many thanks in advance!


This could be happening because, Check app state finds the selector way before your web database finds the transaction.

Try making your check app state selector more dynamic and have that transaction number in the selector. This way Check App State will wait till that exact transaction is not returned by Web Database.

Ashok :slight_smile:

  1. Ensure the selectors used in the “Type Into” and “Check App State” activities are accurate and uniquely identify the elements.
  2. Debug the workflow to ensure the “Check App State” activity correctly identifies the presence or absence of the result element.
  3. Use appropriate delay or “Wait for Element” activities if the web page takes time to load the results.

Hi @ashokkarale,
Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I am still a complete novice in the field of automation (this is my very first automation) and I don’t know how to make the selector more dynamic and how to integrate the transaction number into the selector.

Can you please give me a brief description of how to do this? I have already tried to implement your suggestion with the help of the user manual, but unfortunately I have not really made any progress.

Hi @Krishna_Raj ,
thank you for your reply.

  1. the selectors should actually fit and are also recognized by the automation (as far as I can judge as an automation beginner).
  2. how do I do that? The problem is that StudioX does not show me an error here and says that everything went smoothly.
    The error only ever occurs with the transaction number immediately after the non-existent transaction number. Everything runs normally again with the next transaction number until another number is not found and the problem repeats itself.
    3 I have already tried this and played with several values for the delay, unfortunately without any improvement.


Here is how I’m telling.

Search Sample.xaml (16.2 KB)

Ashok :slight_smile:

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