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Hello UiPath Community! I would like to ask you for help with an obstacle that I am having, within a small development that together with my team we are carrying out. The idea is to use the chatgpt api, to feed an excel file of the response that the chat provides. We already have the robot built, to the point that it searches for information with the api, but when the chat responds to it, it seems that the rpa has some limitation in the characters, since it returns only a part of the chatgpt response. How could I solve this problem? Since we need the entire response to be copied and pasted into the excel output.
Thank you so much!

Hey Federico,

do you perhaps have a parameter in your API that limit the amount of characters returned? If not, can you provide the API response with your endpoints? :slight_smile:

did you set the max_tokens property? @federico.apfelbaum
e.g. here the max tokens it can provide in a response is 1000 tokens (~750 words)

Call CHATGPT 3.5 turbo and return resultt.xaml (12.2 KB)
try use my module, and update the max_tokens as i mentioned above and see if it works

I didn’t take that into account! thank you so much. So I add in the main, a new Assing? Sorry, I’m very new to building RPA, I’m a functional analyst haha.

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yes, just use the .xaml file i attached

use xaml file like this, and fill in the arguments

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