Character constant contain one must character only

Hi , I am getting error while writing the formula in write cell
the formula is =IF(OR(K2=“Chandigarh”,K2=“Pondicherry”,AD2=“Chandigarh”,AD2=“Pondicherry”),"",R2)

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Cheers @DhanashreeLokhande

It seems to be a copy-paste error. Please replace all you double quotes and write them afresh. This might fix the problem. It worked for me with the formula below.


it does not work for me…it gives #NAME value in excell afterb running the robot

give the same error i.e character constant must contain exactly one character


Cheers @DhanashreeLokhande

@DhanashreeLokhande…here is the solution for this.

“=IF(OR(K2=”“Chandigarh”",K2="“Pondicherry”",AD2="“Chandigarh”",AD2="“Pondicherry”"),"",R2)". It does not give the mentioned error anymore. Sample

Please update if this works for you as well. Cheers!!