Error in the formula - quotes

I am trying to write a formula
=IF(N2=“zero”," 21",IF(AND(G2=0,H2=0),“ok, no diff”,“Q&Sum diff”))
I write it in this expression in “write Cell”:
“=IF(N2=”+CHR(34)+“zero”+CHR(34)+“,”+CHR(34)+“ 21”+CHR(34)+“,IF(AND(G2=0,H2=0),”+CHR(34)+“ok, no diff”+CHR(34)+“,”+CHR(34)+“Q&Sum diff”+CHR(34)+“))”

but the robot does not write the formula and gives the following error
please tell me what is the problem?


It looks fine actually
Did we try with other suggestions like is the excel file is kept opened or busy
Check that once and make sure it is closed and no dialog windows appear

Cheers @yulya

Hi @yulya ,

Although I am not entirely sure if it’s the problem, but by looking at the Output Panel Error Message, it seems that the Quotes are not the usual ones that we are supposed to use. Hence, it may not be able to find the correct format of Formula.

Maybe you can change it to the below Formula Expression and let us know if it still doesn’t work.

"=IF(N2="+CHR(34)+"zero"+CHR(34)+","+CHR(34)+" 21"+CHR(34)+",IF(AND(G2=0,H2=0),"+CHR(34)+"ok, no diff"+CHR(34)+","+CHR(34)+"Q&Sum diff"+CHR(34)+"))"

It works, thank you!

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