Changing Windows default email setting, keep failing :(

I posted before trying to figure out how to approach this. I’ve now tried everything, but I’m hoping someone here can help figure it out.

I’m trying to create a short script that changes the Windows default email settings. It keeps erroring when it comes time to select the new default. I’ve attached the script up to the point where you select a new default. It seems that it’s having trouble selecting the right option (selects the next menu item instead, which is Maps). I tried the UI Explorer to identify the selectors and a few different approaches (reading the value, IF statement to replace the new value, etc.). I’m doing something wrong. Please help!


Main.xaml (15.9 KB)

Hi @Kathleen - I took a look at your workflow and made a few adjustments (see attached). Main.xaml (15.4 KB) I found that “Click Text” was creating some issues when trying to select from search results. Using hotkeys to press Enter 2x seemed to work better and get me to the default app menu. Then I realized that you need to select Chrome from a hidden menu a second time after the initial click.

I used the recorder to get to the hidden menu (FYI, use F2 key to pause recording after clicking Chrome the first time) which gave accomplished this with a Click Text activity.

Everything worked for me but let me know if it does not for you.

Brian S.

Thanks for the quick response. It failed again when it got to the step “Click to choose Google Chrome”. I’ve attached a screencap of the error (seems to not copy into this message well).

Tricky one, huh? I think whatever is the current email default becomes the name of the selector identifier. At one time I was thinking that I needed to read that selector first, then do an IF statement (if already “Chrome”, skip; if “IBM Notes” then change to Chrome, etc.). I’m not savvy enough to do that either, and I was hoping it was easier through replicating clicks and user commands. Thanks.

No problem @Kathleen- and my fault as I was moving too fast :slight_smile:. Realized I indicated the button for Web Browser option vs. the Email client option (which is what we want here).

And you are correct: the selector value specifies the name of what the default browser/email client/etc. is. In this case it was Google Chrome, but it could have been anything else. Therefore you can replace the name “Google Chrome” with a * to make it dynamic so you won’t get this error. See below:

Here’s the updated file. Main.xaml (15.2 KB)

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That was it!!! Thank you SO much! I’ve been struggling to figure this out for way too long (probably a month). I really appreciate your help! I almost gave up on UIPath. :slight_smile: Again, thank you.

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Certainly! Dynamic selectors can be critical to success with UiPath. If you don’t mind, can you mark that post as the Solution? Many thanks.

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Thank you, still learning the forum, too. :slight_smile: I checked the Solution box. Thank you again, I will dig into learning more about the selectors. I’m super anxious to learn more of what I can do with Google, too. Seems a lot smoother than when I try to do stuff with Win 10 (created something to scrape Google calendar invitees and look up their linkedin profiles – that was easier than this!!!). :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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