Changing True/False sides in Decision flow

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It would be helpful to have the option to switch the side of the true/false flows in a decision. Sometimes it just makes more sense to have the ‘True’ on the right side in order to have a cleaner view :slight_smile:


I agree :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can switch the sides by changing the condition to the opposite. Like, change “value=0” to “value<>0” or “boolean” to “not boolean”. I do this right now to create a clean workflow, but I do agree if there was more flexibility in the options.


On the right hand side - in properties pane - you have False Label and True Label.

Old - > False Label - False

Change it to -> False Label - True

Old - > True Label - True

Change it to -> True Label - False


Tip that you can change labels is nice, but as a whole that’s a really bad idea, as it leads to these kind of situations that will inevitably lead to bugs that are frustrating to correct:

@ClaytonM’s advice is much better, especially if coupled with the label changing that you mentioned.

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Currently I do change how I define my condition, but it would be nice to just be able flip the sides including the labels, just like Blue Prism offers. It seems like a fairly easy and straightforward change to be included. At the end of the day, I’m of the opinion that UiPath as a tool should allow me to work how I initially intend it, with a minimum of ‘workarounds’ :innocent:

Isn’t it same as Switch flow of Boolean type (ignoring the Default case)

Didn’t see that answer for whatever reason…

Yes, it is basically the same (although I’d make False the default).
I remember a chat with @richarddenton ages ago that this would be useful for people used to process design (correct flow usually goes right or down).
That basically went nowhere in the end, but it was before community activities repo. Anyone up for the challenge? :wink:


I think that’s a really bad idea. It would need to be well documented, as this will only change the labels and not the corresponding values for the comparison. Otherwise, someone who reads the code for finding errors can not see this twisted thing at first glance.
I would prefer that this activity gets a checkbox “switch true/false sides” to get the desired function.

Waiting this technology come out… I can’t believe there is no an option to switch them!! Very annoying. :angry:

I would like to add my vote for making this change as well. I tend to like to visualize the “success” or “true” condition as flowing down (or to the right) and “fail” or “false” to the left.

Hello everybody,

Since there weren’t any changes after one year, maybe this will help future developers:

Just use „not boolname“, so that the opposite decision is done.

In my flow Decisions I just call them INVERT flow decisions and put a write line behind it, to make sure it shows the right result.
Also I recommend to document it when you have larger project.

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