Changing Column In Excel

I am trying to get my bot to read a particular column on my excel sheet named “Termination Date”. This column currently displays the date and the time, I want to reformat this column to display just the date. I am currently getting an error saying “Termination Date” does not belong to the datatable. Can someone please advise?

@bagayoko.isaac.b Your expression to get column value is incorrect. It should be row.Item(“Termination Date”)

Hi @bagayoko.isaac.b

I have change Datetime column value to Date only.

Please find the attached workflow for your reference.

Thanks (22.9 KB)

Hi @bagayoko.isaac.b

Check this one to change the column format in excel.

Here is the video demonstration


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Hello, Thank yo for your suggestion. Now I keep getting the error that “Column F does not belong to table DataTable”. Do you know how I can fix this?

@bagayoko.isaac.b Could you check column name in datatable by setting a breakpoint in debug mode.